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~ December 29, 2010 ~

"Gazing upon the garden soil reminds me of my environment. Where I was planted in society was a critical factor in predicting my potential fruit bearing capability. Education would supplement poor conditions and yet there were times I would till my crop under and start fresh in greener pastures."

Not my words, but those of writer Swan Herbert. With a new year fast approaching I wanted to write something other than a simple list of New Year's Resolutions. I wanted to find something interesting to write that was about gardening, life and new beginnings. I stumbled onto this article and thought it was perfect (and I didn't have to write it). This short essay by Swan Herbert is about life, death, starting over and continuously learning. It reminds me of the many stages of human life and those I have had the opportunity to experience in the garden. So, as you anticipate a new year, read this and contemplate the words. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too!

Happy New Year to all Savvygardeners! May 2011 bring you love, joy, prosperity and happiness - in the garden, and out.

~ Shelly   


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